DIGITLEAN business solution

Accountability and monitoring at scale

DIGITLEAN, the complex business solution?

The integration of LEAN based organizational development services with SMART IT tools.

  • Industry 4.0 (Internet of things (IoT))
  • Software solutions locally, on mobile and web
  • Consulting
  • SMART & Retrofit
  • Paperless shopfloor
  • Notification and forced escalation process
  • Front-end solution for full operation (100% operational coverage)
  • Behaviour based management system (KBI)
  • Fully customizable
  • and lots more

Automation –
the landscape of digital business services

Degree of digitalization on the different management systems

  • From using paper and excel sheets
  • to automated management system
  • from cells, lines and operators
  • to strategic business planning

DigitLean is the best solution to automate LEAN management and get real-time, accurate SMART

DIGITLEAN the complex business solutions!

DIGITLEAN the real-time operation management-system

  • Exponential and continuous growth of complexity
  • Growing customization in mass production
  • Shortening product lifecycles
  • Change management
  • The usual management techniques (LEAN, MES) are not effective enough

By combining modern IT tools and management know-how, DigitLean enables you to maximize management utility.